Each module starts with a checklist to give the users an overview of
  • which subjects are hidden in the module,
  • background information and/or material for the trainers,
  • which material is necessary for the participants.
According to the seminar focus, modules can be interchanged and arranged in any order, so that they can be flexibly used for seminars or for single modules (for example an evening event). Since a mixture of modules is possible, pages were not numbered.

The modules are described in CAMM-Papers (= Content - Aim - Method - Material), marked with a

It contains Material and background information necessary for trainers, as well as material for participants.

As with all educational material, the trainers must decide themselves which material they want to use for which purpose and which methods they feel most comfortable with. The material and the method sheets do not substitute a qualification. They give support and help experienced trainers in their training design.

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